I am a graphic designer out of Seattle, Wa. I have a love for all things colorful and simplistic. My work aims to envelop a certain degree of sophistication, minimalism and vibrancy. I am happiest when design incorporates hand done aspects and when I am able to collaborate with other creatives.

I am a soon to be graduate of Seattle University and have had extensive training in design, including a summer in Italy doing book art, and a semester in Copenhagen studying graphic and textile design. I have a keen eye for design and am constantly being inspired by my surroundings. I am also well versed in Social Media Management as communication, check out my twitter.

When I am not designing I can be found indulging my inner Ina Garten, traveling , and perusing vintage shops and flea markets.

I am always interested in new opportunities and collaborations. Feel free to contact me and check out my resume.